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There is a magical power deep within you, found only if you are willing to search and uncover your truth. Perhaps it has been calcified under immense pain, confusion, and heartbreak, and the thought of venturing once again to rediscover what is buried deep may seem frightening. Very few take this journey. However, you picked this book up, so that isn’t you. You are ready to keep moving forward, to change, to become. You are ready heal that which was once broken, and to strengthen that which was once weak.
as once weak. Once this power is discovered and attained, one must step into it with all their might without hesitation, embarrassment, or fear to honor the gifts that have been bestowed upon you.
You will then uphold this power unapologetically, fearlessly, and without shame. For this is your power, specific to you only. To be willing to shine and bring forth into the world your light and your story. Then to help others see what is wrought within themselves. Only if you are willing to do the work and take the path of shedding off the old and stepping into who you truly are, will you become a warrior. The path of the Warrior is the conscious, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fight to heal, find center, and become your true divine self. It is a battle. It is a war of attrition we fight against ourselves, our stories, and our minds. It is more challenging than anything else we can possibly face in this life.
Although I attribute this process to that of a Warrior, the goal is to become resistant, but to gain acceptance, allowance, and faith.
This process enables us to accept our past, regardless of what has happened, because nothing can be done back there, but only here and now.
We learn to allow what is to come, rather than stress continuously of controlling that which cannot be controlled.
We grow in faith that we can and will heal from our past and become empowered more than we can imagine for our present and our future.